Breaking the Cycle

A disproportionately large number of people are trapped in the vicious cycle of debt and poverty. This cycle is perpetuated when individuals borrow from banks and free loan funds or appeal for charitable assistance in order to meet their financial obligations.

The Tools for Self-Sufficiency

Mesila believes that in many cases, loans and charitable grants are stopgap measures that increase dependency. The only effective way to combat the widespread problems of debt and poverty is to give people the tools to become self-sufficient. And that is exactly what Mesila is doing.

The Path to Financial Stability

Founded in 1998, Mesila is a non-profit organization dedicated to combating poverty by raising public awareness about the importance of financial stability and independence. With over 25 chapters worldwide, Mesila works to promote the development of attitudes and habits that lead to financial stability and provides the necessary guidance to create and implement realistic, long-term economic solutions. Mesila's Business Division as an example gives business owners the professional tools they need to manage their businesses correctly.