Mesila – Who are we?

Mesila is a non-profit organization dedicated to combating poverty by empowering people to seek, achieve and maintain economic self sufficiency and financial stability. Mesila achieves this by:

  • Raising public awareness on financial management and self sufficiency
  • Educating youth to develop correct attitudes and habits that lead to financial stability
  • Guiding people to create and implement sustainable, long-term solutions to the economic challenges they face
  • Giving business owners the professional tools to manage their businesses correctly

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Mesila News and Updates

Introductory meeting for the Bnei Brak Coach Training Course – a great success

On Tuesday, an introductory meeting was held for the Bnei Brak Family Coach Training Course which was a great success. Ninety percent of the attendees signed up on the spot for the course that will train them to be expert coaches in the field. The course is slated to officially open be”H this coming Tuesday in Bnei Brak. You can still register to be screened for suitability for the course.

Tips for Wise Financial Management

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