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Gain the tools and insight you need to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR FINANCES! With R' MOISHE KOHNMesila Coach and Coach Supervisor The Mesila Home Finance 6-part Workshop will start again in Jerusalem  6 meetings…

Mesila UK presents a Money Management Workshop Series

For the third year running, we will be"H be designating this Shabbos, the week after Pesach, (29 Nissan/May 4), when many Jews have the annual custom of preparing a key-shaped “Schlissel challah” as a segulah for parnassah, as the Mesila Shabbos. Our aim is to integrate financial stability awareness into the lives of more and more families around the world.

Money Matters Discover the attitudes & actions to create long term financial stability

Income Enhancement Seminar Join us for a night of empowerment

Home Finance Workshop

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