Mesila is a non-profit organization dedicated to combating poverty by empowering men, women and children to seek, achieve and maintain economic self sufficiency and financial stability.

We coach 450 families every year, changing the lives of over 900 adults and over 2,000 children. We provide counseling and education in 3 languages.  We have rehabilitated 200 small businesses annually – saving over 300 jobs every year. We educate 4,690 teens and young adults worldwide on how to make better financial choices for their future every year. Our workshops and classes are attended by over 500 people.   We empower 700 women and single mothers towards financial independence.

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Core Values

Mesila is dedicated to combating poverty by:

  • Raising public awareness on financial management and self sufficiency

  • Educating youth in the development of attitudes and habits that lead to financial stability

  • Guiding people to create and implement sustainable,long-term solutions to the economic challenges they face

  • Giving business owners the professional tools to manage their businesses correctly

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