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About Mesila

19 Years of Activity

25 Branches in Israel

International Branches

750 Families coached yearly

700 Women and single mothers are empowered toward financial independence

1,200 Businesses receive coaching

7,400 Students yearly studying financial literacy curriculums

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The organization was established in 1998 by a group of Chareidi businessmen as “גמ”ח סידור חובות”. The original objective was to provide aid to families who had sunk into debt for one reason or another and were compelled to incessantly “roll over” their debts. In most cases, this had disastrous effects on the family’s functioning, shalom bayis and children’s chinuch and undermined the ability to learn Torah, work, and earn a respectable living. Aid to the family was given in the form of a large loan that would cover the various debts and could be repaid to the organization in easy monthly payments.

With time, the staff came to the conclusion that families that were unable to return a large loan, would be better served by giving them detailed guidance on how to build and maintain an effective, balanced budget. They encouraged them to streamline expenses, find additional sources of income and helped them obtain extensions and installment payment terms from their creditors. In addition, the organization decided to invest efforts in guiding young couples teaching them the basics of wise financial management and helping them develop a budget, so as to avert financial complications in the future. In 2005, the organization adopted a new name that suited the character of its current activities: “Mesila — the Path to Financial Stability.”

The organization’s programs are intended for anyone, but, by their nature, are suited primarily for the Chareidi public, but beneficial for the religious and general public too. Community education and family coaching takes place in most of the Chareidi population centers in the country.

Our goal: Financial peace and tranquility in every home

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