About Us

About Mesila

Mesila is an international organization dedicated to strengthening financial stability in Jewish communities around the world. 


  • Mesila coaches help families get a handle on their finances and build a long-term plan to maintain financial stability

  • Mesila promotes correct financial attitudes and habits through education programs in schools and through workshops/ seminars in the community

  • Mesila helps people get their businesses started on the right foot.

Mesila believes that every individual, family, business, and organization can improve their financial situation and achieve economic self-sufficiency if they have the right information, motivation, and attitude. As we know, the highest form of tzedakah is to give people the gift of financial independence. Mesila’s vision is to strengthen the financial stability of Jewish communities everywhere, and we are constantly expanding and creating new programs to make this vision a reality.

Mesila in Numbers (as of 2020)

20 Years of Activity

25 Branches in Israel

9  International Branches

750 Families coached yearly

700 Women and single mothers are empowered toward financial independence

1,200 Businesses receive coaching

7,400 Students yearly studying financial literacy curriculums

Financial stability enhances emotional and physical health, affects shalom bayis and chinuch of children, and provides the tranquility necessary to learn Torah and serve Hashem with calmness and joy.

Our goal is to bring the dream of financial stability to every home and business.