Mesila Financial Coach Training Webinar FAQ

Please read the entire FAQ to gain clarity and to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

Mesila is an international movement dedicated to strengthening financial stability in Jewish communities around the world. Mesila combats the various effects of financial instability through educational activities and coaching that empower men, women and children to achieve economic self-sufficiency and stability. With deep understanding of the difficulties of modern living, Mesila plays a key role in shifting attitudes and enabling social change from within.
Mesila has been working successfully with the religious population in Israel for almost two decades, and currently maintains branches throughout the world – Israel, the U.S., U.K. and Europe.

Mesila’s vision is to raise public awareness of the principles of correct financial management and empower every individual and family to make the changes necessary to put them on the path – “Mesila” – towards a serene and peaceful financially independent life.

Mesila’s sophisticated Personal Finance coaching program includes a series of six meetings delivered by a trained coach who helps the client carry out a thorough analysis of their financial situation. Each family is then guided to discover their own solutions, suited to their particular situation and lifestyle, which increases the plan’s chances of success.  This program was specially developed by professionals and based on Torah guidelines, and is unique to Mesila.

Our feedback and statistics show that most families emerge from the process with a greater understanding of their finances and how to manage them proactively in the future; clarity on how to live within their means in a healthy and positive way; stronger relationships, less affected by the constant stress of financial struggle and peer pressure; calmer and happier children; and increased financial responsibility. Mesila be”H has a 90% success rate!

Our professional model uses a blend of coaching and counseling – an experiential technique specially tailored to each individual family, with proven results in the field. The course is practical and hands-on, with simulation exercises that will give you the confidence to begin coaching as soon as you conclude the course or even while still attending. Our skilled mentors accompany you  when you start out and are there for you all the way through.

Anyone who has the skills and personality to sit with a family and coach them through a fascinating financial journey is a candidate for the course. Primary requirements include communication and listening skills, organizational skills, sincerity, innovativeness and the firm belief that each family can achieve financial stability be”H.

Participation in the course may be conditional on a personal interview. We do not commit to accepting anyone to the course. Number of participants is limited.

Graduates of this course should have their finances in order before beginning to coach families. The course will provide you with the opportunity and tools to do so if necessary.

Those who complete the course requirements will receive a Mesila certificate.

A select few may be chosen to work for Mesila but job placement is not offered or guaranteed.

You do not need to commit to work for Mesila in order to join the course.

Participation in the course, the quizzes and interview.


Mesila offers coaches support and materials. Coaches often take advice from the experts before each meeting and we send coaches comments and ideas after we review the Meeting Summary they send us after each meeting.

Mesila also hosts several Coach-gatherings and brainstorming events throughout the year (both in person and in meetings) to keep our coaches up-to-date on current issues and solutions.

This course is quite intense with a great deal of information condensed into only ten classes. The price for all 10 classes is $1000 with an option to pay in installments. 

There is an additional mentoring fee if after completing the 10-class course you choose to join the ongoing training package. This internship will include guidance and mentoring while coaching families.

The previous online course was 10 Sunday classes, 1-4pm Eastern Time as a live webinar through

There is a group taking the course now by watching the videos and doing the quizzes and assignments etc.

You can email and or make a phone appointment with the teacher who works daily at Mesila.

We prefer that you start the course with the group and that the classes are spread out over enough time to absorb the material. 
You can still join now, watch the recordings and complete the assessments, and catch up.

Courses are planned in keeping with the demand.
We havent set dates for the next course yet.

Please check back soon about a course starting toward the end of 2020.

30 academic hours


There will be simple quizzes between each class and there are some assignments.

Yes, after giving a $150 non-refundable deposit for the first class. 

It’s better if you to participate in every class, but will send you a video of the classes you missed.

We’ll stop accepting applications once the class is full.

This low price is based on the group rate. If you join a course in middle and want your quizzes and assignments marked individually, there may be a late fee to cover this expense.

The course is enriched by video presentations and other professional resources from Mesila and includes a training manual and reading material. There are simulations during the course. In addition, to help participants apply the methods learned, Mesila tries to arrange that trainees shadow actual trainees coaching families.

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USA: 212-784-6780 x301

Israel: 02-500-0475

UK: +44 33 33 44 17 11