Noshmim l’Revacha: Mesila in conjunction with municipal Welfare Departments

Noshmim l’Revacha: Mesila was chosen by Welfare Departments of Bnei Brak, Modi’in Illit, Beitar Illit and Elad to provide services through a new national initiative.

Grassroots, inner-driven, Mesila is the go-to organization to deal with the Haredi population. Over the years, we have cultivated a solid reputation within the municipalities of Haredi cities for being culturally sensitive and effective in moving this population forward.

Noshmim l”Revaha is a multi-faceted, nation-wide program spearheaded by the Welfare Ministry, designed to guide the weaker elements of society towards financial independence. Mesila’s  contribution will be comprised of a few elements, including: personal finance workshops, individualized personal finance counseling, income enhancement workshops and individualized income enhancement counseling.

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