6 Part Webinar for Single Mothers: Financial Stability within Your Reach

mesila webinar1Mesila, in conjunction with Sister to Sister, ran a 6 part webinar series for single mothers: Financial Stability Within Your Reach, which took place on consecutive Sundays, beginning August 9, 2015.

Viewed in the US, the UK and Israel, the webinar was a huge success, with participants commenting that, the webinar was, “an enormous help to everyone participating, including myself.” (B.M., USA)



To see the  webinar course syllabus, click here.

To view the first webinar with Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller: Are you up to the challenge? click here.
To view the second webinar with Mrs. Batya Weinberg, Mesila Philosophy, click here.
To view the third webinar with Mr.  Josh Hurewitz, Awareness, click here.
To view the fourth webinar with Mr. Naftali Horowitz, How Can I Increase My Income?, click here.
To view the fifth webinar with Mr. Gedalia Litke, Change: Streamling Expenses, click here.
To view the sixth webinar with Rabbi Zecharia  Greenwald, Children and Money, click here.







2 Responses

  1. I’ve been a Sister to Sister Advocate and Group Leader for approximately five years and am very interested in learning everything that will help “my sisters”. I’m very excited about the Mesila course and feel that it will be of enormous help to everyone participating, including myself.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Bracha,

      Thanks so much for writing in. Have you been watching the webinar series? Would love to hear your feedback.

      Shkoyach on your important work,

      Sarah Malka

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