Smart Budgeting for Healthy Eating

In an eight-session workshop run by Mesila in Elad, 16 women learned how to provide healthy, balanced meals for their family on a tight budget. Mesila’s Smart Budgeting for Good Nutrition program addresses the developmental issues – and even malnutrition – that can result when families try to cut back on spending by purchasing cheaper food products, which often lack nutritional value.  Carried out in partnership with the Joint Distribution Committee and the Elad welfare department, the course combined instruction on effective budgeting with sessions  about nutrition and food preparation featuring how-to videos and recipes.


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  1. Were these workshops filmed? is it possible to watch them, or read a summary of the workshops with the main points given. I would be very interested in any tips and guidance that could be given on how to provide healthy meals to my family on an extremely tight budget especialy with regards to fruits and vegetables.

    Thank you very much,

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