It is possible – and definitely more effective – to take a positive approach to teaching children how to spend and save, rather than just telling them what they cannot have. Sanhedria-lecture-3.2.2016-101x300That was the message of “Money and Kid$,” a Mesila workshop for mothers held in Sanhedria Murhevet, Jerusalem.

Following an introduction by Rabbi Yitzhak Berkowitz, the women learned about cultivating healthy money habits through an entertaining audio visual presentation called “Just  Don’t Say ‘No’!” Mrs. Batya Weinberg, director of Mesila’s English education division, educated and enlightened, drawing from her wealth of experience in teaching kids and parents, in and outside of the classroom.

Well-known educator Mrs. Dina Schoonmaker added depth to the evening with a talk on “Helping our Children Move Beyond Possessions.”

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