Money and Shidduchim: What Every Bochur Needs to Know

mir eveningWith an evening for bochurim dedicated to the doubly important topic of “Money and Shidduchim,” Mesila attracted a standing-room only crowd of 200 English speaking yeshiva students in Yerushalayim who showed genuine interest in planning for their future. The program began with Mesila lecturer Rav Lazer Carmel, who discussed looking – or not looking – for money in shidduchim. He was followed by Mesila financial counselor Rav Moshe Kahn, whose lecture, “40 Minutes to Successful Shalom Bayis,” illustrated how shalom bayis is improved through effective money management. Through events like this enjoyable and thought provoking program, Mesila is encouraging bochurim to be financially aware and plan for their future, starting now!

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