Manning Mesila USA

Mesila welcomes Alan Rosenstock, who has been appointed to oversee the operation and expansion of Mesila in North America. Alan has been active in responding to the plight of aniyim for more than 27 years, as director of Tomche Shabbos of Rockland County.  After his recent visit to Mesila’s offices in Yerushalayim to learn about Mesila’s approach and success in helping people achieve financial responsibility and independence, Alan commented, “Promoting financial independence and empowerment is the natural outgrowth of my work at Tomche Shabbos.  I look forward to exporting the groundbreaking work that is being done in Israel to North American shores.    Mesila has developed a winning formula to advance financial independence and I would like to see communities across North America benefit – for ourselves, and for the sake of our children.”

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