It Pays to be Newlywed in Lakewood!

An overflow crowd of more than 350 newly-married men and women packed the Bnos Devorah hall in Lakewood for Mesila’s annual financial responsibility event. Popular Mesila lecturer R. Gedalia Litke opened the event, noting that while all couples spend hours preparing to build a home, their effort is focused on shalom bayis and the spiritual and physical parts of the home – but not on the financial responsibility that is suddenly thrust upon them. With thoughtfulness, humor and a light dose of mussar, Reb Gedalia brought Mesila’s message of building a financially-healthy home to a very appreciative audience.

Another speaker, Rabbi Kokis, explained how Yaakov Avinu, after receiving the brochos from his father, needed to take on Eisav’s role of gevura in dealing with worldly matters, while still maintaining his place in the universe as an ish tam yoshev ohalim. He pointed out that today, as descendants of Yaakov, we bear the same responsibility and challenge.

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