A Message from Mesila to Jewish Communities Worldwide

A Message from Mesila to Jewish Communities Worldwide


Lately, there has been a great deal of interest expressed by Jewish communities across the world in opening local Mesila branches, and no wonder. Each day brings with it new success stories – individuals, families, and businesses whose financial lives were turned around by Mesila programs, and good new travels fast…

Mesila’s mission is to make financial stability a reality for Jews everywhere. We believe that the key to financial stability is to replace flawed financial attitudes and habits with healthy ones, through educational programs in the schools, a coaching system for families and businesses, and public awareness-raising. The success of this
approach has already been proven in many communities around the world. We invite you to duplicate these achievements in your community by opening a Mesila branch of your own.

A local Mesila branch benefits the community in many ways, direct and indirect: Each family that achieves financial independence lessens the burden on the tzedakah organizations. Moreover, families that put their finances in order become tuition-paying members, strengthening community education. The attitudes
instilled via Mesila programs filter down to the community at large, discouraging conspicuous consumption and encouraging social responsibility. Every penny put into a Mesila branch pays itself back to the community many times over.

On a practical level, in order for the Mesila model to succeed in a community, there has to be a committed group of local community activists, backed by rabbinical authorities and community leaders, working to establish and run the branch. In order to maintain Mesila’s standards, we require each branch to have a paid
director, and a solid financial base to ensure that costs are covered. The good news is that the organization is not capital-oriented; Mesila is not giving out money. All services are provided at a reasonable fee, and this income helps offset costs. Nevertheless, operations are still substantially subsidized and local fundraising is

The main Mesila offices will be available at all times to provide initial training and ongoing guidance, which includes not only the transfer of Mesila’s methods and materials, but the transmission of the Mesila philosophy
and spirit. Because our vision is for Mesila to become a worldwide movement synonymous with the Torah path – mesila – to financial stability, we expect all community branches functioning under our name to uphold the
Mesila reputation for professionalism and integrity and reserve the right to decide whether and pursuant to which conditions a branch may use the Mesila name.

We have developed effective models for financial literacy education, and family and business coaching, and have amassed a wealth of practical experience in applying these models. Nevertheless, we are always eager to learn from the wisdom and experience of other community activists and organizations working to help people
achieve financial stability.

It is not easy to get people to change their ingrained approach to money and their financial habits, and there are always obstacles and doubts along the way. But with a lot of effort, determination and prayer, the goal of financial stability can be achieved. And every person who is helped to achieve financial stability is an entire
world, an entire future.

We welcome all communities to join us in enhancing the financial health of their members.

We welcome all communities to join us in enhancing the financial health

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