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Money. It’s the solution to – and the cause of – so many of life’s problems. But what matters is not how much of it you have; it’s how you manage it. This book will help you do just that. Read about real-life financial dilemmas and be surprised and encouraged by the advice, suggestions and solutions. Mesila provides. From the practical details of how to shop and spend smart, to the deeper, crucial discussions of what it really means to have bitachon, this book covers a range of money-related topics, in an interesting way. The wisdom contained within, written with the religious Jewish community in mind, is sure to be different than any other financial material you’ve read. Whether you’ve got a constantly balanced budget or constantly growing debt, whether you live in the black or only see red, whether you’re an expert on financial terms or you don’t know what a budget is, you’re sure to gain valuable insight from Your Money and Your Life. Everyone has the potential to be financially stable – and money isn’t necessarily the key. Mesila can help you navigate the challenges along your journey to financial stability. Read Your Money and Your Life today… and get your money’s worth.


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