Mesila Shabbos #3

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For the third year running, we will be"H be designating this Shabbos, the week after Pesach, (29 Nissan/May 4), when many Jews have the annual custom of preparing a key-shaped “Schlissel challah” as a segulah for parnassah, as the Mesila Shabbos. Our aim is to integrate financial stability awareness into the lives of more and more families around the world.

Last year, the Mesila Shabbos focused on integrity in finances, the first element on Chazal’s list of keys to wealth. This year, we will be zeroing in on the second of these keys: Yispalel l’mi sheha’osher shelo — praying to the Master of all wealth. Financial success can only come when we recognize the Source of wealth and appeal to Him for His assistance, while simultaneously putting the Torah value of responsible financial management into daily practice.

On this Shabbos, we will deliver very brief derashos to rouse our fellow congregants to join the Mesila revolution, adopt a financially stable way of life, and also encourage others to do so. This is a subject that is relevant to every individual and every community, everywhere in the world.

Please join the campaign and latch on to this unique opportunity. Attached is our annual Mesila Shabbos bulletin, in two versions — one with more English translation of terms, and the other with less. Choose the one that will best serve your kehillah and please try to get them printed and distributed for this Shabbos. A letter addressed to Rabbonim is also attached.

The effort is minimal – just one talk on one Shabbos – and the potential benefit for your community members is great: a life of tranquility, shalom bayis, successful chinuch, and all devarim sheb’kedushahbe”H.

Many shuls and batei midrash around the world are expected to join the campaign. We would greatly appreciate if you, too, would participate!

Contact us by email and sign up your shul for the Mesila Shabbos campaign!

Mesila Israel: [email protected]

Mesila USA: [email protected]

Mesila UK: [email protected]


Shmuli Margulies,


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