BMG Newlyweds Dec 8, 2020

BMG Mesila event mail flyer 20201

Dec 8, 2020 was our sixth annual BMG Mesila Financial Responsibility seminar for Newlywed yungerleit at Woodlake. As usual, it was a huge success. We had our largest turnout as of yet, with about 250 men and over 100 women in attendance.

Harav Ari Marburger presented a powerful drasha on the need to be honest with your finances. Culled from his vast experience as a premier dayan, he peppered his points with practical examples of common pitfalls into which many people have been innocently lured. Rabbi Marburger also stressed the importance of having your financial consumption level being congruous with your standing as a yungerman.

Reb Shulem Abramcyk, director of Mesila Lakewood, offered, on  behalf of Mesila, a comprehensive private financial coaching 1-on-1 meetings for newlyweds. The sessions which are available for a modest fee, are designed to custom guide a new couple on the path of financial stability.

Our annual featured guest speaker, Reb Gedalia Litke, of Mesila Monsey, once again enthralled the audience with his both serious and often humorous advice on building a balanced financial foundation through proper budgeting. He carefully explained the path to financial stability and the benefits enjoyed by those that have attained it.

MP3 recordings of the event are being sold by BMG at the Legion front desk.

Special thanks to all those that contributed to making the program a success. Mrs. Feiner for the beautiful invitation and graphics. Mrs. Dewick for coordinating the mailing and manning the reservation line. Mrs. Eidelman for creating the queries we need. Rabbi Frankel for going above and beyond in all the microphone, recording, and duplicating work. Mrs. Rosensweig for her always being there to take care of the details. Moish, Mottie, Yanky, Adam, and particularly Avishalom and his hard working crew for preparing Woodlake.


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