The Need

Why Mesila?

Living a traditional Jewish life and raising a Jewish family involves many financial challenges.

Depending on where you live and which community you identify with, being a religious Jew can mean:

  • The high cost of living in a good Jewish neighborhood.
  • Relying on government programs or family for basic income.
  • The never-ending expenses of raising a large family and making weddings for your children.
  • Pressure to buy homes for your children.
  • Exorbitant school tuition.
  • An endless cycle of taking and paying back gemachs/loans.
  • Expenses relating to chagim.

As if that isn’t enough, these challenges are exacerbated by pervasive materialism, competition and peer pressure that make it extra difficult to manage financially – and teach children about priorities and sensible spending.

Financial struggles are especially acute in Israel’s Haredi community, the fastest-growing Jewish population in Israel and also its poorest, with 54% living under the poverty line.

Mesila empowers men, women and children across the Jewish community to seek, achieve and maintain economic self-sufficiency and stability.

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