Local Branches

Mesila’s services and products are available to anyone, anywhere. Mesila services can be accessed in several languages by phone, video-call, and online. Mesila products can be printed or shipped worldwide. Mesila lecturers travel on request.

We continue to believe that for a community to derive the full benefit from Mesila, they should have a full-fledged branch with local staff, the support of local leaders, and the availability of our full range of programs. A local coordinator will advocate for the community, push for public awareness, and work on getting Mesila educational material into schools.


Mesila USA 212-784-6780
Mrs Chaya Roth [email protected]
R’ Ephraim Pessin [email protected]
R’ Shalom Abramczyk [email protected]
R Elie Levy [email protected]


Jerusalem 02-500-0475
[email protected]


London 0333 344 1711
Manchester 0161 505 0950
Gateshead 0191 580 5860
Mesila UK
[email protected]
Benji Landau [email protected]
Betzalel Margulies [email protected]