A Brief History

1998: The organization begins operations as an entity helping people arrange debt repayment. Founded by Rabbi Shmuli Margulies, the organization offers customized loans in conjunction with ongoing counseling.

Years of work with financially struggling people demonstrate that preventing financial problems by helping people adopt financially responsible lifestyles is far more effective than a loan or grant to repair the problems. Mesila develops a highly successful method of addressing the root causes of financial instability.

2005: The organization is officially named Mesila and assumes a new, dramatic mandate: changing public attitudes towards financial responsibility.

2006: Mesila opens its business counseling division to equip business owners with the necessary skills to rehabilitate their businesses and bring them up to speed with current business practices and trends.

Mesila Women is established to educate and empower women to take an active role in financial management, through workshops and seminars created especially by women, for women.

2007: Mesila’s Family Division publishes a comprehensive guidebook for use in its specialized coach training program, clearly explaining Mesila’s guiding principles and detailing its unique, systematic approach for helping families progress towards financial independence.

2009: Mesila goes international.

Over the years, Mesila witnesses a surge in international interest in our services.  Community activists approach us with the pressing need for a Mesila presence in their communities abroad. In 2009, Mesila establishes two branches in the U.S.: Baltimore and Lakewood. Mesila Israel professional staff trains voluntary staff from these communities, with local staff shadowing our professionals as they coach families.

2010:  Mesila’s Education initiative launched.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” On that foundation, Mesila’s seeks to reach the youth and mold their financial attitudes before they start families of their own.  A curriculum is developed especially for seminary students at that age and stage. In 2010, the seminary education program is launched in English- and Hebrew-speaking seminaries in Israel.

2011: High School program is launched internationally. Seminary program expands internationally.

Mesila branch opens in Montreal

2012: Mesila branches open in Monsey and London.

2013: Mesila’s education initiative expands to high schools and yeshivas across Israel.

Junior High School program is introduced in the US.

Mesila branches open in Manchester and Brooklyn

2014: Mesila’s Junior High School program is introduced in Israel.

Income Enhancement Program launched.

English Language Division (Israel) launched.