The Mesila vision has inspired many individuals and entities around the world to join us as partners. Together, we are working to achieve Mesila’s goals.

Thanks to the generosity and shared enthusiasm of our friends, donors, and collaborators around the world, we are able to empower thousands of Jews around the world to achieve financial stability.

To the philanthropic foundations who place their trust in us and show confidence in our abilities to attain timely and measurable objectives:

We are proud to partner with you!

  • Harry Kramer Memorial Fund
  • IVN Israel Venture Network, Sustainable Social Change
  • Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix, Jewish Women’s Endowment Fund
  • Maks and Leah Rothstein Youth Charitable Trust
  • P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds
  • René und Susanne Braginsky-Stiftung
  • Rochlin Foundation
  • Slomo and Cindy Silvian Foundation
  • Friedberg Family Foundation




We gratefully acknowledge our government and municipal partners:

We gratefully acknowledge our program partners:

We gratefully acknowledge our organizational and corporate partners:

You are our partners and our greatest asset!

Together, we can do even more to ensure a sustainable financial future for the Jewish community.

Would you like to become a partner and change lives? 

To find out how, contact us!