Mesila’s staff is comprised of professional individuals driven by a single purpose — to help families and businesses achieve financial stability and independence and improve their quality of life.


Shmuli Margulies                                             [email protected]

Shmuli Margulies co-founded Mesila in 1997 and was instrumental in transforming it into the international movement that it is today. His leadership and vision continues to propel Mesila towards noteworthy achievements on behalf of the Jewish community.  Additionally, Rabbi Margulies serves as Director of Development at Finagra UK, as an investment adviser at Endeavour Diversified Fund Ltd., as Director at Endeavour Advisers Ltd., and as Director at Endeavour Holdings Ltd. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife, children, and grandchildren. 

Chief Operations Officer 
Shai Climer,


[email protected]
Personal Finance Department 
Moishe Kohn,
Coach Trainer, Supervisor, and Content Development
[email protected]
Moshe Greenfield,
Development, Logistic and Project Manager
[email protected]
Elie Levy,
Brooklyn Branch
Shulem Abramczyk,
Lakewood Branch
[email protected]
Ephraim Pessin,
Monsey Branch
[email protected].org
Income Enhancement 
Shimon Schwartz, Coaching[email protected]
Baruch Feiger, Education and Workshops[email protected]
Chatanim/Yeshiva Program 
Avraham Malachi, Coordinator[email protected]
Business Coaching 
Moshe Elias, Director[email protected]
Education Division 
Etti Hochman, Director[email protected]
Tzipi Meir, Course Coordinator[email protected]
Alona Elias, Content Editor[email protected]
Chana Heine, Secretary[email protected]
External Affairs 
Chaim Feingold,
[email protected]
Lazer Carmel,
Resource Development
[email protected]
Bassya Weiss,
Resource Development
[email protected]


Ita Schweitzer,
Client Services
[email protected]
Chaya Roth,
USA Administration
[email protected]