BMG/Mesila Financial Resposibility Asifa for Newlyweds Dec 2020

Purim Seudah Made Simple with Brynie Greisman, Adar 2020

Sanhedira R' Berkovits Shul 6-Part Wokshops, 2019-20

UK Money Management 3-part

Har Nof Workshop 2019

Monsey 2019

Belz, Monsey 2019

Romema 6-part Workshop 2019

UK Bein Hazmanim, Nissan 2018

R' Berkowitz's Shul, Jerusalem Kollel, Sanhedria 2018

Kehilat Givat Hamivtar, R' Nissan Kaplan's, Ramat Eshkol 2017

Men's Workshop 2017

Aish HaTorah 2017

Asifas Rabbonim Manchester July 2017

October 2016 Manchester

September 2016

FTMI - Rabbi Shulem Abramczyk and Morris Smith, June 2015

To see pictures from Mesila’s Annual Dinner, 2016, click on the title below.

To see pictures from Mesila’s Annual Dinner, 2015, click on the title below.

Naale English Logo 5776 copy

To see pictures from Mesila’s Annual Dinner, 2014, click on the title below.

לוגו במסילה נעלה 6 באנגלית

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