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Middle Class Crunch The Agudah Convention

What is Mesila? (Flash 4 minutes)

B’Mesila Naaleh 8 – selected speeches

B’Mesila Naaleh 8Em HaMalchus, in memory of Mrs. Rivka Sara bas Betzalel, ע”ה

B’Mesila Naaleh 8 – keynote address by Rabbi Yisroel Meir Lau, Shlita, Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv-Yaffo

B’Mesila Naahel 8 – selected songs

B’Mesila Naaleh 7 full-length video

B’Mesila Naaleh 6  – full-length video

B’Mesila Naaleh 6 – highlight video

In Action: Mesila’s Education Program Abroad

To view the Five Town Marriage Initiative event, click here.

Mesila Montreal Branch: A Case Study in Yiddish

To view Mesila’s vimeo channel, click here.

6 Part Webinar for Single Mothers, Financial Stability Within Your Reach

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