Mesila is revolutionizing society through three core programs:

 Family Coaching

In the family coaching program, each family is paired with a trained Mesila coach, whose job it is to raise awareness of their habits, help them build a reasonable budget, increase income, create a long-term plan for debt repayment and maintain the plan under the counsellor’s guidance. Mesila’s unique program, which includes the Lauffer Income Enhancement program, equips struggling families with the necessary financial skills coupled with optimism and encouragement to release themselves from crisis, poverty and dependence and guide them towards stability and self sufficiency. Learn more

Business Counseling

Mesila offers business consulting as well as business counselling services. Consulting: Mesila’s professional business consultants evaluate existing and potential businesses objectively in a one-time consultation, and offer their owners professional, workable, written recommendations for achieving or increasing profitability. Counseling:  Mesila’s professional business counselors supervise the client’s day-to-day business operations over time, ensuring that their businesses are run efficiently. A strategic business plan is created for each client, which is revised on a quarterly basis. Learn More


Based on the maxim “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, Mesila’s Education Division prevents people from falling into financial difficulties by educating them with the necessary attitudes and practical skills for financial self sufficiency. Mesila has developed a set of comprehensive, effective and nuanced curricula for adults, young adults, high schools, and junior high schools, developed to correspond to different age groups and address pertinent financial issues relevant to the students’ stages in life. The curricula utilize a powerful combination of expertise in the fields of economics and psychology, as well as an intimate understanding of the values and beliefs held by the religious community. Learn more



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