“Whatever I live on, whatever I profit . . . it is all thanks to  Mesila.”

Owner, Regal Linens

Mesila’s highly professional team of MBAs, motivated by a passion to help Am Yisrael, empower business owners to be financially independent through three services:

1. One time business consulting session

Business owners – present and future – can receive free, one-time consultations. A panel of Mesila’s professional business consultants objectively evaluates existing and potential businesses and offers the owners professional, workable, written recommendations in the areas of finance, achieving /increasing profitability, marketing and infrastructure.

2. Business Counseling

The objectives of ongoing counseling are to help solve strategic business problems and to “professionalize” owners,  enabling them to achieve financial independence.

The program ranges from 3 to 6 months and includes building a strategic business plan, implementation, on site visits and employee training.

3. Business Management Training

  • Business Management Kit
  • Each kit contains 2 CD’s with lectures, a guide book and the Mesila Guide to Budgeting.
  • Based on years of experience counseling businesses, Mesila produced a professional Independent study kit called Tachlis L’asakim. This guide covers the major principles of correct business management, equipping business owners with the skills and knowledge necessary to run a profitable business, including the areas of marketing, financing and employee management.
  • Business Management Course
  • A comprehensive business management course geared for potential and existing business owners. This course is taught using materials developed from our extensive counseling experience.

Mesila’s Business Division is at the battlefield front, fighting to allow existing and potential businesses to succeed.

Thanks to Mesila’s Business Division:

    • 1400 business have received help
    • 400 business owners have received professional training
    • Rate of satisfaction for business division services:   85 out of 100  

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