Financial literacy courses for girls and young women

Mesila’s financial literacy curricula are taught at girls schools and young women’s seminaries.  Tailored to the gender and various ages and stages of the students, our curricula have an emphasis on the unique needs and concerns of women. To learn more click here .

Financial Management Counselor training course*

This year- long course trains women to be personal financial management counselors-for individuals and groups. It also trains teachers to teach Mesila educational curricula at various levels as well as to run women-to-women financial management workshops and community events.

Teacher Training Course*

During the school summer break, an intensive full day/week long course trains teachers in the principles of financial management for families.  Teachers who are currently teaching our course are required to participate in enrichment seminars twice a year.

Investing in home real estate*

In our child-centered culture, the issue of insuring that married children will own a home is of great concern to parents.  Advance planning is critical, as is familiarity with aspects of investing in a home.  This course features lawyers, accountants and real estate professionals, who cover topics such as: market research, assessing  market value, negotiation, agents role, legal aspects, taxation , bureaucracy,  mortgages, banking and financing.

Women’s Country Retreat focusing on financial management* 

Conducted over two days in a holiday setting, the retreat includes a wide range of lectures and workshops on financial management, featuring the best lecturers in the field.  Working women get a much needed break at the same time as they enrich their knowledge and increase their aptitude in financial management.

*All these programs are delivered in partnership with Beit Hamoreh College, Jerusalem and Bnei Brak, approved by the Education Ministry.

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