Yeshiva –Chatanim (Bridegroom) Program

Yeshiva students typically do not receive any formal instruction on financial management.  That coupled with lack of higher education and employable skills, puts them at high risk for falling into the poverty-debt-dependency cycle. In Haredi society, when young men studying in Yeshiva are engaged to be married, they receive personalized guidance on how to be married.  They are assigned a Rabbi/Mentor who teaches them everything they need to know about relationships and family life.

The Mesila Yeshiva Program, capitalizes on this internal understanding and access, by utilizing an existing cultural norm to advance the critical need for financial responsibility. The Mesila Yeshiva Program seeks to launch bridegrooms into life with a clear awareness of what it means and what it takes in reality to be financially self sufficient; By empowering young men at this critical juncture with the tools necessary to succeed at that goal while still on their turf, Mesila believes it can rebuild a society from the bottom up.  Through its country wide network, Mesila offers private counseling and group workshops for bridegrooms –through Sephardic, Lithuanian (Litvish) and Hasidic Yeshivot across Israel.

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