Coaching-Service Options

Coaching Services

6-meeting process. (Usually 3 months. 3 stages, averaging 2 meetings per stage, with two weeks between meetings.)
Goal: To achieve tranquility and financial stability by using proper household financial management tools, in keeping with family-set objectives.
Confidentiality: The coaching process is personal and all information remains absolutely confidential.
Includes: Meetings, workbooks, and reading material.
Length of meeting: 1 to 1-1/4 hours.
Between meetings: Client may contact the coach by phone or email (as agreed upon between them) to report on progress, ask specific questions, and obtain guidance.
Assignments: The family will receive assignments, the purpose of which is to enable the process to progress in the maximal way.
Family requirements: Openness to change, cooperation, and an overall commitment to the process, including doing assignments.
Mesila commits: to provide the professional tools for proper financial management suited to your specific family. One of our professional coaches will walk you through the process step by step until you achieve the desired change.

1-time Assessment Meeting and Recommendations: (20-minute phone call followed by a 1.5 hour meeting.)
For clients that want something quick and short, who don’t want or need to the full process (for those who just want to make order and keep going due to lack of time and availability, fear, or are not ready to make changes in the course of the process etc).

NEW service for current times: 2.5-meetings: (30-minute phone meeting and 2 x 1-hour meetings.)
Basically the same as the 1-time assessment but more spread out.
Dealing with debt, and expected expenses. Brainstorm for income enhancement opportunities. Streamline expenses. Understand an emergency budget and when it’s used, gov’t programs, banks, mortgages, etc.

Newlywed Financial Education: (2 x 1.5 hour meetings)
Financial attitudes, proper communication and agreeing on priorities, being proactive about finances, wants vs needs, understanding fluctuating monthly vs. periodic income & expenses and how to build a budget, income and expenses, pros and cons of payment methods and loans, encouragement etc.

Levels or tiers of service:

An experienced coach who has successfully coached numerous families. Coaches are well-trained, highly motivated and very closely supervised by Mesila.  

A coach who has years of experience coaching many families and has demonstrated the ability to successfully navigate more cases. Examples are erratic/unpredictable levels of income, overbearing debt burden, strong income enhancement inhibitions, challenging spending habits, communication difficulties, etc.

A coach who, in addition to all the advanced criteria, has proven themselves to be exceptionally effective, even with the most complex cases. Generally these coaches come with additional supplemental training and/or are especially gifted.