Mesila Hosts Seminar for Newly Married Men in Modi’in Ilit

As part of our Chasanim program educating engaged and newly married men about financial independence, we hosted an evening seminar for Boyaner Hasidim in Modi’in Ilit. 80 young men participated in the program. The young men’s eyes were opened to a whole new approach to financial management. Many expressed interest in follow-up, requesting a hands-on workshop.

In a Mesila moment, three young men came up to Mesila lecturer R. Lazer Carmel after the seminar and showed him that they have Mesila budgeting charts different that those handed out at the lecture. Puzzled, R. Carmel asked where the sheets came from. They proudly answered, “From our wives! They took the Mesila course in seminary and prepared us well.”

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