Coach Training Course 2021

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Join Mesila's upcoming Coach Training Course

In 2019, Mesila has opened its coach training program to communities around the world in a dramatic policy change.

Until then, Mesila’s highly successful coach training program was available only in cities that maintained a fully-functioning Mesila branch. Due to our desire to keep the coaching program under close supervision and at Mesila’s standard of excellence, we were compelled to turn down pleas from communities that wanted local coaches but were unable to fund a full-service branch.

Now, thanks to the development of modern technological options, Mesila is able to train and supervise coaches long distance through Webinar courses, making the program available even in communities without a full Mesila branch, while maintaining Mesila’s trademark quality of service. The Webinar allows many people to join the course at once, view the teacher, and interact with him during the classes.

We continue to believe that for a community to derive the full benefit from Mesila, they should have a full-fledged branch with local staff, the support of local leaders, and the availability of our wide range of programs. We are confident that once the community gets a taste of the benefits Mesila has to offer, they will adopt other Mesila programs over time, and eventually develop into a full-service branch.

A new course will be starting soon. Above is our ad, which recently appeared in the Mishpacha and Ami magazines, listing the course details and registration contacts.


For further information please contact [email protected]

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