Lectures and Seminars


Education does not end when one graduates seminary or leaves yeshiva. It’s never too late to learn the knowledge and tools you need to achieve financial stability. That is why Mesila is constantly reaching out to individuals and families in Jewish communities across Israel and worldwide with enlightening lectures and empowering workshops on financial stability.

In addition to lectures and workshops addressed to the public in general, there are series geared for specific audiences, including:

Upon seeing how much they’ve gained from a single lecture or workshop series, many of the attendees go on to avail themselves of Mesila’s coaching program and to transform their lives in a big way!

Recent and Upcoming Lectures, Workshops, and News:

More Seminar Titles:

  • Understanding what financial stability is
  • How correct financial management can enhance all aspects of your life
  • Emotional barriers to financial stability
  • The majority of money issues are not solved with money
  • Your finances and your values: Getting them to work together
  • Net worth and self-worth: Are they proportional?
  • Why budgeting is essential
  • The nuts and bolts of building and following a budget
  • Making budgetary decisions that are right for you and your family – and no one else
  • The key to successful budgeting: making sure you have everything you need, and some of what you want
  • Getting through high-expense seasons with your budget intact
  • The importance of increasing income
  • Thinking “out of the box”
  • Professionalism and good work habits
  • Initiative and persistence
  • Balancing bitachon and hishtadlus in your work
  • The time-energy-money triangle
  • Becoming a smart shopper: where, when, and how much to buy
  • “It’s a great buy”- or is it?
  • Assessing a service provider: Getting value for your money
  • Establishing spending priorities – and sticking to them
  • Cash as a deterrent to spending
  • Dealing with unexpected expenses
  • How smart, responsible people get hoodwinked into borrowing money they can’t repay
  • The Torah attitude to loans and financial dependence
  • Good loans and bad loans
  • Using credit cards responsibly
  • Climbing out of the mountain of debt
  • The importance of savings.
  • Teamwork: the key to successful financial management
  • Accepting – and respecting – your spouse’s financial habits
  • When to say yes, when to say no – and how to say it
  • Raising financially healthy children who are not spoiled and not deprived
  • Understanding and respecting children’s needs and wants
  • Love and attention don’t have to cost money
  • Being fair doesn’t mean treating everyone the same
  • Kids’ earnings and allowance