Business Coaching

Welcome to Mesila’s Business Division!

Whether you already own a business or are interested in opening one, you are invited to learn how to do it right, with the expert guidance of Mesila’s business coaches!

Working hard but not making enough money?

Putting your all into your business but not seeing results?

Is the bank on your back and you’re starting to lose control?

Are you interested in upping your profits dramatically?

Running a business is a profession!

Take responsibility for your business, manage it successfully, see results, and live with dignity, as befits the owner of a flourishing business…

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For over 19 years, Mesila’s Business Division has been coaching, advising, and guiding thousands of businesses and organizations in Israel and abroad, in a broad range of areas and sectors, on how to start a business the right way, manage it wisely, and — above all  — make money!

Over time, we’ve accumulated experience in almost all types of businesses and organizations in the Chareidi world. We have extensive knowledge of management costs in every type of business, gross profit in the sector, potential problems, methods of attracting clients, business models that have proven themselves effective on the field, and more.

You are welcome to come and learn from our experts. You’ll save yourself a lot of aggravation, wasted time, and money!

Needless to say, the ABC at our Division is maintaining full confidentiality for all of our clients. Aside from the adviser sitting with you, nobody else knows what was said.

We also have broad experience in the gamut of small businesses and service providers, whether it is a home-based sale in the evening or provision of services to clients in areas ranging from architecture to air conditioner installation and everything in between. Anyone who has a business and wants to make a profit can come to us for a consultation.

You’re also welcome to seek our advice as to whether to leave your job as an employee and become self-employed — prospects and risks, does it suit your personality, options of combining freelance work and work as an employee, how much money you need to recruit (if any), how to minimize risks, and so on.

Among the subjects we help our clients with:

  • Managing crises in an existing business

  • Advice on opening a new business

  • Strategy counseling and marketing funnel planning

  • Practical advice on increasing sales

  • Business coaching and resolving personal blocks

  • Getting organized and dealing with employees

  • Financial guidance

  • Constructing and writing up a business plan that works

  • For directors of organizations: Streamlining procedures, precise work roster, full financial control, and more.

We offer an initial counseling session at an introductory price to help you map out the challenges in your business or organization and find the perfect solution for you.

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