Business Coaching

We currently offer business coaching in Israel and plan to expand this service worldwide.

Whether you already own a business or are interested in opening one, you are invited to learn how to do it right, with the expert guidance of Mesila’s business coaches!

Working hard but not making enough money?

Putting your all into your business but not seeing results?

Is the bank on your back and you’re starting to lose control?

Are you interested in upping your profits dramatically?

Running a business is a profession!

Take responsibility for your business, manage it successfully, see results, and live with dignity, as befits the owner of a flourishing business…

How can Mesila assist you?

Mesila’s highly professional team of MBAs, motivated by a passion to help Am Yisrael, empowers business owners to achieve financial independence and business success through three services:

  1. One-time business consulting session

Business owners – of existing and planned businesses – can schedule a one-time consultation. For these consultations, a panel of Mesila’s professional business consultants evaluates existing and potential businesses objectively and offers their owners professional, workable, written recommendations in the areas of finance, achieving /increasing profitability, marketing and infrastructure.

  1. Business Coaching

The objectives of ongoing coaching are to help solve strategic business problems and to “professionalize” owners to enable them to achieve financial independence.

The program ranges from 3 to 6 months and includes building a strategic business plan, implementation, on-site visits, and employee training.

  1. Business Management Training

∙        Business Management Kit

Based on years of extensive experience coaching businesses, Mesila produced a professional independent-study kit called Tachlis L’asakim. This guide covers the major principles of correct business management — including the areas of marketing, financing, and employee management — equipping business owners with the skills and knowledge necessary to run a profitable business,.

Each kit includes 2 CD’s with lectures, a guide book, and the Mesila Guide to Budgeting

∙        Business Management Course

A comprehensive business management course geared for potential and existing business owners.  This course is taught using materials developed from our extensive counseling experience.

We offer an initial coaching session at an introductory price to help you map out the challenges in your business or organization and find the perfect solution for you.

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