A Journal of Transformation

“We Were Reborn!” – the story of the M. Family The M. family came to me on the first night of Chanukah this year. They were a couple with five little children. The husband was a newspaper photographer and the wife was an educational assistant. Together, they earned NIS 13,000 a month, but that wasn’t […]

Business Lunch

On the menu: What do you care? It’s my business! I met my friend, Yossi Gibraltar, in the grocery Friday morning. When I asked how his business was doing, he heaved a deep sigh. As a good friend, I inquired what was behind his heavy sigh and the message he broadcast was helplessness. “I have […]

From the Mesila Podium

With the waves crashing all around, hundreds of students came to listen to the professionals Mesila’s webinar, featuring experts in all areas of finance, drew hundreds of participants, covered wide spectrum of financial topics, all in one fascinating, concentrated evening. Lectures were delivered by top-line professionals on subjects such as pensions, real estate, and crypto-currency. […]

Kehillah and Mesila

Mesila organized a gathering for representatives of shuls in London Shul reps meeting A meeting of representatives was held last Monday, organised by Mesila UK Executive Director, Benji Landau. The meeting was attended by 20 people from various shuls around North West London. The aim of the meeting was to make sure as many shuls […]

The Calendar

September 1st The first day of school. What it means to Mesila: The curriculum for financial literacy that is being introduced in dozens of schools around the world, will provide these future household managers with the tools they need for proper financial management, naturally integrated into them from a young age. What is the greatest […]

Red Carpet

Guest of Honor Chairman of Shas, MK Rav Michael Malkieli The ceremony Awardingdiplomas to financial coaches at the conclusion of the training course Worth quoting “While the government is busy with ‘Band-Aids,’ an organization like Mesila is generating a revolution in chareidisociety, through people from within the community. It’s the most worthwhile investment for the […]

The People Who Make Mesila

Introducing Azriel Manes, Director, Hebrew Speaking Operations Let’s talk about his morning habits, his “Ani Maamin,” his most significant challenge, and what he finds to be the greatest fun at work. Here we go: I start the morning with: Tefillah for another day of achieving objectives. I mention the staff and the people close to […]