Dedicated in London

Rabbonim and community leaders joined Mesila U.K. director Benji Landau and Mesila’s London counselors at the dedication and k’viat mezuzah of the new Mesila office in Edgware.

It Pays to be Newlywed in Lakewood!

An overflow crowd of more than 350 newly-married men and women packed the Bnos Devorah hall in Lakewood for Mesila’s annual financial responsibility event. Popular Mesila lecturer R. Gedalia Litke opened the event, noting that while all couples spend hours preparing to build a home, their effort is focused on shalom bayis and the spiritual […]

From Here and There

Mesila’s U.S. director, R. Alan Rosenstock, recently visited Mesila’s offices in Jerusalem for working sessions with the international staff. Rosenstock stated his intention to increase the number of schools in the U.S. that teach the Mesila curriculum.

Branching Out in Brooklyn

Newly-trained Mesila counselors in Brooklyn met with Mesila chairman R. Shmuli Margulies (center) on his recent visit to the U.S.  Brooklyn branch director R. Eli Levy reports that the counselors have already begun working with families.

The Secret is Out . . .

How can you earn more each month?  Find out in Secrets of Income Enhancement¸ a step-by-step, interactive guide (in Hebrew) to analyzing one’s abilities and talents, and using them for increasing one’s income. Produced by Baruch Feiger of Mesila’s Income Enhancement Program, this guide is available by email upon request to [email protected]  

Mesila in YOUR Neighborhood

To reduce dependence on local tzdedakah, Kupat HaShechuna tzedakah funds in three locations – Har Nof, Neve Yaakov and Beit Shemesh – are teaming up with Mesila to promote financial responsibility and change lives through a new Mesila program called “Mesila B’Shchuna” (Mesila in the Neighborhood). In each location, Mesila is presenting public financial literacy workshops […]

Who Are You Going to Call 24/6? MesilaPhone: 02-80-30-222

Attention, Israeli friends of Mesila! Information and advice on a wide range of financial topics is now just a phone call away, thanks to MesilaPhone!  Now, 1 ½ months after its inception, 5078 people have called…and benefitted. This new Mesila service gives you access to lectures by top Mesila lecturers – in Hebrew or English […]

Becoming a Chosson in Chevron Just Got Better

Mesila’s educational empowerment program for chossonim has reached the elite Chevron Yeshiva – where 22 engaged and newlywed students uncovered the world of personal finance and acquired life skills with great interest at a two-session Mesila workshop.  “It is clear that managing home finances in a responsible and organized way, with the ability granted by […]

A Lot to Celebrate

At the eighth annual B’Mesila Naaleh dinner ,Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, former Chief Rabbi of Israel, inspired hundreds of Mesila supporters, friends and activists. The gala event at Binyanei Hauma in Jerusalem featured a fascinating look at the varied communities served by Mesila, along with moving personal testimonials from people whose lives were changed by […]