Understanding employee stock options in Israel – Nadav Ellinson – Jan 23, 2022

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The path from options to cash


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Nadav Ellinson, MBA

Nadav Ellinson has over 10 years of finance experience as CFO/COO of a successful hi-tech company, head of finance for several NGOs, and as a personal finance coach.

Nadav founded moneyby.design on Facebook and Instagram to help English-speaking Israelis learn how to use money to design a better life for themselves.


This talk is a must for anybody working in, planning to work in, or interested in the inner workings of hi-tech in Israel. Nadav shares the inside scoop on how stock options work. In this talk we will:


Found a company, raise investment, and distribute stock to founders and employees.

Learn terms such as seed round, ESOP, vesting, cliff, valuation, preferred stock, and more.

Share tips on how to estimate the value of your options and compare it to market benchmarks.

Understand how stock options are taxed in Israel vs. US and what US citizens should be aware of.

Sell our simulated company and understand how much cash everyone takes home.


Sunday, Jan 23

2pm NY · 7pm UK · 9pm IL

Register at mesila.org/zoom

For more info: [email protected]

02-500-0475  212-784-6780

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